Terms and Conditions of Use Agreement

My Local Services is a trading name of Lowi Ltd.

Registered Office: Minerva Mill, Station Road, Alcester, Warwickshire, B49 5ET United Kingdom

Registered in England and Wales: Company Number 5542028 | Telephone 44 1789 761 364

All references to My Local Services in this agreement are also applicable to Lowi Ltd. We retain the right to alter and amend these Terms and conditions as required and without notification.

In General

  • By accessing, using or subscribing your business to this Web site or downloading materials from this Web site, you agree to be legally bound by the terms and conditions set forth below without any modification. Please, review them carefully. If you do not agree to the terms, then please do not use this Web site.
  • My Local Services cannot be held responsible for any services or goods supplied nor do we control or are held responsible for prices of such services, products and goods, availability, competency, suitability of venues, companies and suppliers listed on or linking to My Local Services.
  • The reviews of businesses and service providers published on My Local Services are provided by members of the public and do not represent the opinion of My Local Services or its owners. The reviews are the individual opinions of members of the public based upon their individual experience on an individual occasion. All reviews submitted to My Local Services therefore express the views and opinions of the authors and hence My Local Services nor its owners will be held liable.

Business Listings

  • My Local Services holds no responsibility to the accuracy of any listings displayed on this site.
  • My Local Services offers Basic Listings, for which there is a nominal non-refundable $1 anti spam charge as well as paid listing options.
  • Basic Listings will display contact information, but no web links. They will be displayed randomly in any order, but will be relevant to any assigned categories. Other advertising may be displayed on the same page as the Basic Listing, and they will always be displayed beneath Paid Listings in any search results.
  • Signing up for a Basic Listing will mean you are automatically subscribed to the My Local Services promotional newsletter. Email details will remain completely confidential and will not be passed or sold on to a third party. You may be sent very occasional offers from other websites, but your email details will remain confidential. A company can opt out at any time by selecting the unsubscribe link in any email or sending a email to legal putting unsubscribe in the subject line.
  • Basic Listings are by their very nature part of a free service. A token non-refundable $1 charge is required for each listing, which was introduced to stop abuse of the service by spammers. We reserve the right to limit the number of Basic Listings per company. If it is felt that a company is submitting numerous Basic Listings and this becomes an administrative burden, the company will be notified and the listings removed, including future sign ups. An opportunity may be offered to convert to paid listings which may be more suitable.
  • For Lifetime or 12 Month Listings, companies are entering into a paid agreement with My Local Services, where My Local Services will display that business on it’s own database, which will be accessible by the general public. Listings will either be valid for a set 12 month term or they will be valid for life depending on the product.
  • Lifetime Listings will be displayed on My Local Services until either the customer requests either verbally or in writing to have their listing removed. Or if contact details go out of date, then the Lifetime Listing may be removed from the database.
  • By accepting these terms and conditions, you agree that you hold the relevant copyright to all images, logos and text placed on this website, and you are authorised to display any approved Trademark. Failure to comply with these conditions may result in My Local Services taking legal action in the event of any dispute.
  • Lifetime Listings will never be asked for any re-subscription fees.
  • Regional Listings are County level upgrades to Lifetime Listings. A Regional Listing can be requested at any time, up to a maximum of 10 Regions (States) per Lifetime Listing. Regional Listings are charged per area, and with a Lifetime Listing, no re-subscription charges will apply. For 12 Month Listings, Regional Listings will expire at the same time as the 12 Month Listing.
  • By signing up to any type of listing on My Local Services, the customer must understand that My Local Services will send an automated email every 12 months to confirm address and email details. This email will contain a confirmation link and will be sent to the email address we have for their listing. It is a customers responsibility to ensure any email contact details are kept up to date. If a business listing's details cannot be confirmed within 90 days of receiving an automated confirmation email, then that listing will be removed from our public database. If we have no contact from this listing within 12 months, then it will be automatically deleted from our system. If a new new listing is required after this time, then the customer will be considered as a new customer and charges will apply for any paid listings.
  • A Lifetime Listing is only valid for as long as the mylocalservices.com website remains online or Lowi Ltd remains in business.
  • A Lifetime Listing can be cancelled at any time by notifying by email to My Local Services or by Telephone to 44 1789 761 364 confirming cancellation. No monies will be owed.
  • For National Listings, companies are entering into a 3, 6 or 12 month paid agreement with My Local Services, where My Local Services will display that business on it’s own database, which will be accessible by the general public.
  • For National Listings, at the end of the agreement period, businesses will need to re-subscribe to keep their business listed in the National format. If at the end of a 12 month subscription of a National Listing, a customer decides not to renew, then we will revert the listing to a courtesy Lifetime Listing.
  • My Local Services will ensure Paid Listings are more eye catching than Basic Listings, and will give access to any extra functionality that is available.
  • My Local Services will ensure National Listings have the same functionality as Lifetime Listings, as well as being displayed throughout the USA for each chosen category.
  • If for any reason a business no longer wishes to subscribe to the My Local Services Database, no part or full refund of any subscription fees will be given.
  • My Local Services reserves the right to remove any business listing, either Basic or Paid from the database at any time. Examples include business no longer trading, complaints regarding obscene or illegal business practices and adult related services such as erotic massages and escort services. No part or full refund of any subscription fees will be given, except with management discretion.

Business Reviews

  • The reviews of businesses and service providers published on My Local Services are provided by members of the public and do not represent the opinion of My Local Services or its owners.
  • To leave a review, a reviewer must confirm their email address by activating an email link. This email address will remain confidential and will not be used for marketing purposes.
  • Reviews are moderated and any perceived slander abuse or profanity will be deleted and will not go live. Reviews may be edited if it is felt that it was a genuine review, but a particular sentence is a bit strongly worded. In this case, the strongly worded sentence would be removed, but no additional comments would be added.
  • Any reviews that are simply copy and pasted from other review sites will be automatically removed. We do not monitor if a review originates on My Local Services and is then later copied to other review sites.
  • If there is an issue with any particular comments then contact us and state the business name concerned and outline the issue. My Local Services is not a legal body and will act in what it believes to be the correct manner, unless ordered to do otherwise by an official legal representative.
  • Businesses will have the right to reply to any reviews left for their business listing. This can be done by logging into your listing control panel. This means the business has the final say on any review left.
  • We will not remove negative reviews simply because a business asks us to. If it is deemed to be a fair review by our customer services staff, then the comments will stand. In this case, simply leave a right to reply to explain the situation. You can also enhance this by encouraging positive reviews from your customers to give a balanced picture.
  • If a business demands that their listing is removed in order to remove any negative reviews, then that listing will be deleted completely, meaning any third party links to it or search engine indexing will be lost. If the listing is a paid listing including Lifetime Listings, then there will be no refund due. The business is welcome to relist, but this will be deemed to be a brand new listing, and will be subject to the normal terms and conditions of a new business listing.

Intellectual Property

  • The copyright in this entire Web site, unless stipulated, is held by My Local Services. All material provided on this Web site is protected under international copyright laws and treaty provisions. Except as expressly provided herein, none of the material provided on this Web site may be copied, distributed, republished, reproduced, downloaded, displayed or transmitted in any form for commercial use without the prior written permission of My Local Services.
  • Individual visitors of this Web site are permitted to download or print one copy of material published on this Web site solely for their personal, non-commercial use, provided that they do not modify the materials and that they retain all copyright and other proprietary notices contained in the materials. This permission terminates automatically if you breach any of the terms and conditions contained herein. My Local Services does not grant any express or implied right to you under any patents, trademarks, copyrights or trade secret laws.
  • The trademarks, logos and service marks (collectively referred to as "Trademarks") displayed on this Web site are claimed by My Local Services and no trademark license, either express or implied, is granted by My Local Services. You do not have any right to use any Trademark or Service Mark displayed on this Web site except as expressly provided under the doctrine of Fair Use without the prior written permission of My Local Services. In the event of unauthorized use or misuse of its Trademarks My Local Services will pursue its legal remedies without delay.
  • Any use of this Website for telemarketing or direct marketing purposes is forbidden and any complaints will be fully investigated.

Electronic Information Submitted to this Web site

  • Any communication or material other than your personal information submitted to this Web site by electronic mail is the exclusive property of My Local Services and is considered to be non-confidential and non-proprietary. Such communication may include without limitation questions, comments, suggestions and ideas. My Local Services shall be free to use them for any purpose whatsoever without restriction or compensation.
  • My Local Services assumes no responsibility for, or is otherwise legally responsible for remarks posted upon this Web site by third parties, even if those remarks are defamatory. My Local Services allows third parties to post their opinions on this site, but asks third parties to follow guidelines such as not leaving defamatory or abusive comments. My Local Services will take all reasonable measures to ensure only appropriate opinions are published by means of human or automated intervention, but will not partially edit or censor opinions. Opinions deemed inappropriate will be deleted. The final decision as to what is deemed appropriate and shall be allowed to be published on the website will lie with My Local Services.
  • However, in certain situations, outlined below, My Local Services will remove postings by third parties ("posters" or "users"), including, to wit:

(1) My Local Services is presented with a settlement agreement, resolving a dispute between the poster and any third party(ies) complaining about the posting, mandating that the posting be removed.
(2) The posting contains vulgar, profane, or obscene language.
(3) The posting contains adult material, including but not limited to, graphic images, written images, or links thereto.
(4) The posting does not relate to a valid commercial transaction and is not the type of posting for which the Web site is intended, namely the referral of UK businesses and service providers.
(5) The posting contains personal identifying information about another user of this Web site.
(6) The posting was posted by a user who submitted false contact information during the registration process and My Local Services is unable to contact the poster/user.
(7) Multiple copies of the same posting.
(8) The posting was made by a current owner, employee, former employee, or immediate family member of the company being reviewed.

If you believe that a user has posted material which meets one of the above conditions, contact My Local Services by e-mail or write to us at the address at the top of this page.


  • My Local Services is constantly improving its products and services and reserves the right to make such improvements or changes to this Web site, the materials, products, services or prices posted in this Web site without prior notice as it deems necessary.
  • As a convenience to you, My Local Services may provide links to Web sites operated by others. My Local Services makes no representations about Web sites accessed from this Web site which are not maintained, controlled or created by My Local Services and does not endorse any linked Web sites or the information appearing thereon. Links do not imply that My Local Services is affiliated with or associated with such linked Web sites, their owners or operators or any related companies.


  • You agree to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend My Local Services, its subsidiaries, affiliates, sponsors, or any related companies (including those which share substantially common ownership), and its officers, directors, employees, agents, insurers, and representatives of any of them (collectively the "Release Parties") from any an all claims, demands, actions, causes of action, suits, sums of money, judgements, controversies, and liabilities whatsoever, at law or in equity, arising from or in any way resulting from your use of this Web site.

No Agency

  • You and My Local Services are independent contractors, and no agency, partnership, joint venture, employee/employer or franchiser/franchisee relationship shall be deemed to exist, or is intended to exist by this Agreement.

No Guarantee of Continuous Use

  • We do not guarantee continuous, uninterrupted or secure access to our services, and operation of our site may be stopped due to factors outside our control.


  • In the event one part of this Agreement is found to be invalid, the other provisions shall remain valid and enforceable.


  • Your use of this Web site signifies that you have read, understand and agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement.